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Can you imagine living an addiction-free life?


We know that addiction is hard and has many negative consequences on your life, including affecting your: relationships, employment, health, and even causing you to lose your life.


But what if all that could be reversed? What if you could lead a healthy and happy life again - laughing with your loved ones, going to work everyday, having financial stability and glowing health?


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We can help you with specialized rehab - so that you can get your life back on track.

At Ibogaine Detox Rehab, an Ibogaine facility, we can help you overcome your addiction holistically with support from an outstanding team of addiction specialists. We will provide you with guidance for an Ibogaine treatment in Mexico and help you overcome your addiction (or mental health problems) without any withdrawal symptoms.
What is Ibogaine?


Ibogaine is a powerful psychedelic sourced from the iboga shrub. When used in calculated doses, it changes the brain and a person's awareness of experiences, and allows him/her to "see" some significant events in his life. This helps patients in overcoming addiction in a span of hours - and allows the effects to remain for as long as up to a year, which gives patients enough time to reevaluate their habits and change their behavior without facing any withdrawal symptoms. And because of the serious problem of drug overdosing (which can also lead to death), Ibogaine is the perfect pain-free innovative solution that the world needs right now.


This almost-magical psychedelic also helps in treating mental health problems such as depression and anxiety.

What is the history of Ibogaine?

This powerful drug originates from a shrub called tabernanthe, found in Africa. Since before the 1800s, members of the Bwiti religion in Gabon used to eat iboga bark shavings. This was especially common in initiation and coming-of-age ceremonies - consumers used to get visions of their ancestors and even God. The rest of the world was exposed to this ingredient from the iboga tree in the form of Ibogaine - a compound that had been taken from the iboga bark and packed into a pill.

How can you get Ibogaine treatment in California?


You cannot, as ibogaine is illegal in the United States, but if you're looking for Ibogaine treatment centers in the USA, you've come to the right place as this facility is only 20 minutes from the CA border. With our highly trained staff,  and rehab experts, we want you to be able to live the life you deserve. You could be treated within hours!


Our 7-day Ibogaine treatment course not only helps alleviate mental health problems but also helps patients overcome addictions. What was once seen as a dangerous drug has now proved to be a lifesaver when given in the right dosage.

At Rapid Ibogaine Detox, we use all precautions when screening and treating patients. Research demonstrates that there is a 1/300 fatality, most likely due to inappropriate medical delivery without checking for prolonged QT syndrome and liver enzyme panels. "Reported Ibogaine-related problems or fatalities might very likely be avoided if simple screening, dosing and monitoring guidelines are adhered to. However, this must be taken in some context as, in 1999 there were 116,000 drug related fatalities in United States hospitals associated with FDA approved medications." (GITA) EKGs and liver enzyme tests are mandatory and must be approved by the MD prior to ibogaine administration. 


Forty-eight hour follow up to follow an ibogaine treatment by a nursing assistant or other medical professional should observe the patient continuously for 48 hours or longer if the patient response to ibogaine requires it. During this phase, blood pressure and pulse should be continuously monitored at regular intervals and at any time that patients indicate discomfort or the observer has concern. "The regular intervals may be as short as 30 minutes for the first four hours or until blood pressure and pulse are stable and then at time points of 1 hour to 4 hours thereafter. Observers should have training in cardiopulmonary resuscitation and be prepared to call a hospital or emergency medical services should the patient's pulse drop below 50 beats per minute" (GITA). Patients who have had heart attacks in the past are highly screened if they qualify at all. Patents who are over 300 lbs are not eligible. Detailed medical evaluations and patient honesty are important, as certain drugs both OTC and prescription drugs have contraindications.


Now that you know our facility follows and respects the guidelines of ibogaine administration, if you're thinking, "Where can I find Ibogaine treatment near me?” you can visit our rehab facility for an initial series of tests after which you will be able to consult with an expert about what kind of treatment you need to undergo.


You now have a quick and easy solution to reverse the pain and devastating consequences of addiction.


To follow extensive pre-screening guidelines, if all testing goes well, same day results can be obtained and if there are no other drugs in the system, an individual can actually receive a same day ibogaine treatment. That stated, there doesn't need to be a rush as it is important to get settled and comfortable in the environment and with the people who will be treating you.


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