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Can you imagine living an addiction-free life?


Ibogaine plant medicine can set you free. We know that addiction is hard and has many negative consequences on your life, including affecting your: relationships, employment, health, and even causing you to lose your life. But what if all that could be reversed? What if you could lead a healthy and happy life again - laughing with your loved ones, going to work everyday, having financial stability and amazing health? You can! Ibogaine is the cure of the modern world.


"What our clients say"

We can help you with specialized rehab - so that you can get your life back on track.
At Ibogaine Detox Rehab, an Ibogaine facility, you can holistically overcome your addiction with support from an outstanding team of addiction specialists. We will provide you with personalized guidance for an Ibogaine treatment in Mexico and help you overcome your addiction without any withdrawal symptoms. Research has also discovered that ibogaine can provide freedom from mental health problems such as: depression, anxiety and eating disorders as it rewires the mind and body's neuro-circuitry routes, thus "resetting" the body's habituated state.

The Facility

What is Ibogaine?

Ibogaine is a powerful psychedelic medicine sourced from the iboga shrub. When used in calculated doses, it changes the brain's chemistry and a person's awareness of experiences, thus allowing him/her to "see" significant events in his life differently from before. Ibogaine invites the individual to be shown different perspectives and emotional reactions to situations which have transpired in the past, resulting in the ability to see current situations differently, thus allowing for changes in ways of: internal thinking, speaking, emotionally responding and behaving. Ibogaine isn't just about eliminating withdrawals, it is the transformational beginning of a mental and somatic shift of self with respect to other.

Ibogaine helps patients to overcome addiction in a span of hours - and the malleable psychedelic component of ibogaine allows the mind and body's transformational effects to to last a lifetime. An ibogaine experience gives individuals enough time to reevaluate their habits and change their behaviors without facing any withdrawal symptoms as a result of the transformational shifts that result from use of this plant medicine.

Due to the serious problem of drug overdosing (which can also lead to death), Ibogaine is the perfect pain-free innovative solution that the world needs right now.
This almost-magical psychedelic also helps in treating mental health problems such as depression and anxiety.

What is the history of Ibogaine?

This powerful drug originates from a shrub called tabernanthe, found in Africa. Since before the 1800s, members of the Bwiti religion in Gabon used to eat iboga bark shavings. This was especially common in initiation and coming-of-age ceremonies. Consumers used to get visions of their ancestors and even God. The rest of the world has been exposed to this ingredient from the iboga tree in the form of Ibogaine - a compound that is taken from the iboga bark and packed into a pill.

How can you get Ibogaine treatment in the United States?

You cannot get ibogaine in the United States, as the plant medicine is illegal, but if you're looking for Ibogaine treatment centers in the USA, you've come to the right place - as this facility is only 20 minutes from the California border. With our highly trained staff,  and rehab experts, we want you to be able to live the life you deserve. You could be treated within hours! . . .  And home in days.

The Team
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The Ibogaine Process

Our 7-day Ibogaine treatment course is designed for addictions and for people with some mental health conditions. What was once seen as a dangerous drug has now proved to be a lifesaver for people who are struggling when it is administered in the right dosages and with the right care.

At Ibogaine Detox Rehab, we use all precautions when screening and treating patients. The suggested protocol described in "The Ibogaine Dossier" is followed: A Manual for Ibogaine Therapy, specifically designed for proper screening, safety, monitoring and aftercare of clients.

To follow extensive pre-screening guidelines, if all testing goes well, same day results can be obtained and if there are no other drugs in the system, and there are no unexpected medical complications, an individual can actually receive a same day ibogaine treatment! That stated, there doesn't need to be a rush as it is important to get settled and comfortable in the environment and with the people who will be treating you.








Ibogaine is administered by our MDs and paramedics measured in a dosage of mg/Kg of body weight. A typical flood dose for an addict is anywhere from 18-21 mg/Kg of body weight. For psychiatric conditions, a typical flood dose is anywhere from 12mg/Kg of body weight to 16mg/Kg of body weight. The MD oversees the process for the first 24 hours. A tester dose is given and monitored for 45 minutes prior to the flood dose administration. The patient is hooked up to an IV and an EKG for the entire duration of the ibogaine treatment process. Not everyone has hallucinations, but 80% of individuals experience them. Chakra balancing music is played. Pre-Ibogaine counseling is given to set expectations and prepare clients for the process. If an individual does not experience hallucinations, it does not mean that the plant medicine is not working. With pre-ibogaine counseling, not many people experience anxiety, but in the event that they do, the IV gives the MD easy access to administer valium which will cessate the hallucinations. This too, does not affect the efficacy of the plant medicine in terms of it assuaging addiction and or aiding with mental health issues.

When the MD leaves after 48 hours, an ibogaine trained nurse continuously observes and monitors the patient for 24 more hours as ibogaine can still be running its course. She provides post hydration fluids and checks blood pressure. Throughout the entire 48 hours, blood pressure and pulse are continuously monitored at regular intervals and if at any time a patient indicates discomfort or if the observer (MD or Nurse) has a concern. "The regular intervals may be as short as 30 minutes for the first four hours or until blood pressure and pulse are stable and then at time points of 1 hour to 4 hours thereafter. Observers are trained in cardiopulmonary resuscitation and are prepared to call a hospital or emergency medical services should the patient's pulse drop below 50 beats per minute" (GITA).


Patients who have had heart attacks in the past are highly screened if they qualify at all. Patents who are over 300 lbs are not eligible. Detailed medical evaluations and patient honesty are important, as certain drugs both OTC and prescription drugs have contraindications.


Now that you know our facility follows and respects the guidelines of ibogaine administration, if you're thinking, "Where can I find Ibogaine treatment near me?” you can visit our rehab facility for an initial series of tests after which you will be able to consult with an expert about what kind of treatment you need to undergo. You can also give us a call and we can make plans over the phone.


Ibogaine is a quick and easy solution to reverse the pain and devastating consequences of addiction.

3 Phases of Ibogaine

1st Phase: The first phase typically lasts one hour in duration. The visual and physical perception of the body changes. Some patients experience difficulty with coordination so it is important to be in a comfortable environment laying in a supine position.

2nd Phase: "Waking Dream State" - Individuals experience hallucinations, emotional changes, different sensations with respect to perception of their own body. They develop a unique relationship with time and space. Patients often feel earth's gravity and this is the phase where they often experience difficulties when trying to move.

The hallucinations typically include scenes such as: hearing the beat of drums, a somatiac and auditory sensation of "scrubbing" of the body. They may invite into the psyche visualizations of TV screens, animals, people who have passed away (and there is often a communication that is experienced and a message either to be given or received). Some people feel like they are flying or swimming in oceans. They may experience themselves in cities or forests. They may also experience internal awareness of traveling through their own brain, DNA and body. Individuals often see visualisations with intensive colors. 

Sometimes darker scenes, images or movie like clips with "scary" themes can enter the picture that involve topics surrounding Dante's referenced:  Pride, Envy, Wrath, Sloth, Avarice and Prodigality, Gluttony and Lust. Of course these themes manifest differently in everyone. With pre-therapeutic counseling guidance, an individual will be completely equipped to control the hallucinagenic places in which he/she travels as he will be equipped with therapeutic tools to "change the channel" of the hallucination if it arrives at an undesired station. Ibogaine is a very malleable plant medicine, unlike LSD which can really take a person on a "hijacked ride." Patients are able to open and close their eyes. Most people prefer not to communicate during this phase. Memories from early childhood may be revisited. Meaning of life is often explored as is the creation of humanity and it's existence throughout times. Other dimensions are travelled to during this phase. Other universes may be invited in with very different ways of viewing reality. This phase usually lasts 3-5 hours.

3rd Phase: "Cognitive Phase of Deep Introspection” - This phase typically lasts anywhere from 8 – 36 hours after taking an ibogaine flood dose. The body remains asleep, yet the spirit is fully awake. Individuals usually intellectually evaluate earlier experiences in life and various decisions or choices made. For example, memories may come up where at the time, the individual felt s/he only had one option, yet during this phase, it is not uncommon for reflection to occur where many other options open up with respect to certain life events. People may piece various aspects of their live's and experiences together, resulting in a new awareness of reality and a shift in perception with respect to self vs. other. To follow the ending of the third phase, patients usually sleep for hours. To follow, for a few days, patients often report difficulty sleeping as their body feels it is in a different vibrational state. 

Research demonstrates that there is a 1/300 fatality, most likely due to inappropriate medical delivery without checking for prolonged QT syndrome and liver enzyme panels. "Reported Ibogaine-related problems or fatalities might very likely be avoided if simple screening, dosing and monitoring guidelines are adhered to. However, this must be taken in some context as, in 1999 there were 116,000 drug related fatalities in United States hospitals associated with FDA approved medications." (GITA) EKGs and liver enzyme tests are mandatory at our facility and must be approved by the MD prior to ibogaine administration. It should also be noted that if an individual returns to the use of heroin and/or opiates, that his or her likelihood of fatality is increased. 

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These pictures are for the most part, representative images of staff.

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