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What is the 5MeO-DMT?

One of the many powerful psychedelic medicinal drugs when used in calculated measures that can alleviate anxiety, depression, PTSD, and addiction is 5MEO-DMT. This organic molecular compound is also known as "The Toad" because of its derivation from dried venom of the Bufo Alvarius toad. The short acting effects of the drug typically last 20 minutes. 5MEO-DMT,  Some people reference 5MEO-DMT as "The Spirit Molecule." This molecule is known to be found in all living organisms. It is released in high amounts during: birth, death and PTSD. 

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What exactly do patients experience?

The 5MEO-DMT that our Shaman uses, comes in a powder form and is placed into a pipe.  The pipe is then lit, and the powder turns into liquid and into a gas.  You are taught proper inhalation techniques.  You fall back into comforted plush surrounding and travel about a 20-minute journey.  While the Shaman gives you a “Flood Dose” of 5MEO-DMT, microdosing options are also available. (Please speak to us in advance if you are interested in microdosing with 5 MEO-DMT). All patients who have used 5 MEO-DMT say that they experienced "something" life-changing, something profound - an experience that was "practically indescribable with words". It's like dying, yet at the same time being able to fully experience the entire span of life throughout both human linear time, and universal time.

Many people state that they have had what is referred to as an "Ego Death." A 5MEO-DMT experience is an opportunity that allows for humility, compassion, empathy and a different perspective to enter one's "life picture." Emotional changes may occur in which "old emotions" attached to certain situations or people, change into "new emotions" attached to those same situations and people.

Again, the molecule can create a shift of awareness and emotional attachments to ideas. The toad empowers people who use it to gain a new appreciation for time and life's purpose. Many people obtain a better understanding of their role in the cosmic planes and the multi-dimensional universe, and some have even claimed to have "seen God". It's also not uncommon for people to meet their loved ones who have passed away in a shared existential place of space and time in their visions. 

Some people say they have out-of-body experiences while others say they traveled inward to the core of their being. Some see light and flashes while others see shapes. Some individuals go black within the mind while others see expansion of colors.

Regardless of who undergoes a 5MEO-DMT treatment, each patient has a profoundly enlightening - albeit unique - experience. And all patients become more clear-headed after a single dose of 50mg vaporized the "Spirit Molecule," also known as Bufo.

What can the 5MEO-DMT do for you?

It's believed that some rewiring of the brain takes place which brings the mind back to a more clear-headed state. This gives addicts and patients with mental health issues to feel more stable and have a clearer understanding of what they want from life.

So if you're looking for expansion of your psyche and a transformed view of your perception with respect to the world and humanity, visit our recovery clinic and book an appointment!

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